Pomeroy-Mason Bridge: A Distant Memory
by Shane Hayman


After years of waiting, they finally opened the Pomeroy-Mason Bridge on December 30, 2008. the new bridge is called “Bridge of Honor”, named after three people who served our country. The old bridge was built in 1928 and was a narrow two-lane road which nobody liked, and finally after years of planning and building the new bridge was done. There were a lot of delays due to weather, high water, and rock and mud slides. After it opened, Leslie, Shane, and Amber went down, crossed it, went to the Wal-Mart parking lot, turned around, and went back across it again. It is a lot different now driving across a four-lane bridge. On March 23rd they had a dedication of the new bridge with Gov. Ted Strickland of Ohio and Gov. Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

The old bridge was brought down with explosives, and removed in pieces. They blew up the center span on April 21st, the West Virginia side on May 14th, and the Ohio side on May 28th. That left a pier on each side; the Ohio pier was blown up on June 16th and the West Virginia pier came down June 17th.

The 80 year old bridge is now a distant memory for all of us. If you get a chance, check the new one out at night with the lights on – it’s amazing. Here is something interesting – the bridge is used by 10,000 cars per day, which means 3,650,000 cars a year. Note: Don was intrigued by the traffic pattern on the West Virginia side – one lane entering toward Ohio, one lane upriver, one lane downriver, and one lane to Wal-Mart.

Bridge Facts


Built in 1928
Opened November 12, 1928
Two lanes
Steel supported
Originally toll bridge
1 year to build
Cost $1 million


Built in 2008
Opened December 30, 2008
Four lanes
Cable supported
No toll
5 years to build
Cost $65 million