My Family
by Beth Hart


My name is Beth Hart and I have a story to tell you. I belong to a family that is a lot of fun and I am going to tell you about them one by one.

1. Daddy, he was the most important one in the family. He was kind of in his own little world amongst himself, but never far from help. He would be there whenever you needed him. For his family, it took nothing to go out on a limb.

Quiet, but sheik, dazzling, but neat
Interesting, but confusing
Lovable and very amusing
Heís the tops because he was our pops

2. Mom, she is the loving one. When you feel bad she will sit with you all night. It seems like wherever Mom is, following her is a bright shiny light -- the kind of light that lights up a room and shines as bright as the full moon. The one thing I love about Mom so much is that no matter what, she is there for me, helping me be all that I can be. I just thank God she cares, I am a lucky girl. There is no other mother like her in the world.

Loving mother, there is no other
Worries a lot, but with a good heart
Helpful hand, loves her Jesus
Sheís my mother and I love her to pieces

3. Oldest brother (Bruce). Now he is a good hearted man. He takes care of his family every way he can. He is very impressive in every way. There are so many good words I could say. I was too young so I did not know what he was like in school, but by the way his life turned out, he is no fool.

Intellectual, but laid back
Admirable, but integrity he does not lack
Enjoyable, but hard to get to know
I will always love him, he is my biggest bro

4. Older sister (Bev). Now she is one great woman. Cannot get any better than her. She is the best sister around, one who would never let you down. To me, she is perfect. I cannot find anything wrong. In this family is where she belongs:

Petite, but strong, reminds me of a happy song
Tiny body, big heart, sweet as a sweet tart
Spirited and bliss, I love her she is my sis

5. Older brother, (Brice). He is the funny one of them all. Helps everyone to have a ball. I always used to think he was so different in school, but now I think he has turned out quite cool. Iím sure if his family needed him he would be there and really show them that he cares. I hope he never changes, he is a wonderful man. I will tell him that every chance I can.

Comforting, but a riot
Kind of shy, but not quiet
Silly, but smart
Very economically settled, lives like a pro
I will always love him, he is my other bro.

6. The youngest, me (Beth). I am the crazy one. The unpredictable youngest. Living life to the fullest. The one who made the mistakes, who sees a dare and has to take. The crazy one who is still a little unsure and working on the problems in life and plans to invent the cure.

Sensitive, but strong and bold
Hard to break, but easy to unfold
Crazy, but calm, nervous, but strong
Buzzes around free as a bee
I like it that way because thatís me.

Well, this is the end of my poem, I hope you liked it. And as far as my family goes, I love them all.

One more important thing to mention:

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Hart and Grandma and Grandpa Hayman, because if it were not for you, none of us would be here. I want you to know that I love all of you and hold you very dear.