The Campout
by Keith Hayman


The firewood is cut and the grass is all mowed,
It's time to set up camp on East Letart road,
I made a couple of calls, yesterday and today,
Just to make sure the Port-O-John is heading our way.

This is the big weekend, this Friday afternoon,
As campers and tents will be showing up soon;
We will build a nice fire on our first camping night,
Let's all hope and pray that the weather is right.

We will get up Saturday morning, and down the road we will go,
The reunion will start around eleven or so;
Mom will have her noodles, I'll have a bag of chips just for me,
I'll wash them all down with a glass of Lil's tea

The stage will be open, someone always puts on a show,
We will pitch a few horseshoes, and back up the road we will go;
We will pile up some wood in the old fire ring,
Unfold the lawn chairs, and some of our family will start to sing.

We will set and watch the fire, and listen to the wood crack and burn,
To toast a good marshmallow, it takes a very slow turn;
Lots of hot dogs will be roasted this night;
But be careful, cause they'll fall off your stick if you don't put them on right.

Our family together is a wonderful sight,
But time passes too quickly on our last camping night;
As the fire dies down, the hot coals are cherry red,
And one by one we will crawl into bed.

Sunday morning will come with a big breakfast to eat,
Then the tents will come down and be folded up neat;
As our family pulls out, Iíll shed a small tear,
May the good Lord be with you, and I'll see you next year.