A Week In My Life
by Lil Hart


The following schedule pretty much sums up my life in a week. It may vary from week to week, but this is the way it usually goes. Not anything real exciting, no big trips or excursions, definitely not boring, very busy, feeling good, enjoying what I do. Most of the time it starts out like this:

Usually nothing scheduled here, just catch up on my washing and housework after the weekend, and rest.

9:00 a.m. Go to breakfast at the restaurant here in Racine with about fifteen ladies from the church. We all really enjoy getting together and doing this. Then I go to exercise at the Senior Citizens Building.

Go to Bible Study in the evening at church.

Go to Missionary Study at 6:00 p.m.

Go to exercise class. I also take a lady who doesnít drive to Pomeroy to get all her groceries. Also, as needed, I take her to her doctor appointments and to get her medicines.

There usually isnít a lot on my schedule for Saturday. I do what needs to be done at home, and in the evening I enjoy all my favorite TV shows: Lawrence Welk, Wilburn Brothers, Gospel Classics, Hart to Hart, Rev. Charles Stanley, and Rev. Billy Graham.

Sunday School and Morning Worship services. Beverly and Zac come home with me from church, and we enjoy lunch and most of the afternoon together. This is one of the highlights of the week for me. I return to worship service again in the evening.

In between these days I do my house work, yard work, flowers, and talk on the phone a lot! I visit with Alan and Bev and Steve and Beth. I also go to Alum Creek near Charleston to visit with Sam and Olivia, and to Athens to visit with Zac. I go shopping and eat out. My best friend is Gertie Manuel, and we visit back and forth. We watch TV, just talk, and sit on my deck. Sometimes, we talk about our husbands, who have both gone on to be with The Lord, and how we miss them. We miss our kids being little and being home, and we talk about how we enjoy seeing our grandchildren. We also go to gospel sings in the area.