A Family
from the Hart 6-93

A familyís like a tree
If given time to grow...
It puts itís roots into the earth
And thrives on rain and snow.
It loses branches now and then
Itsí leaves, they come and go
But nothing is ever lost because
The tree will always grow.
A tree is always flexible
When winds cause it to bend,
But it never moves from itsí foundation...
It is stronger than the wind.
A tree is always giving
Of itself to those around
The nests are built, the children climb
And play on sheltered ground.
The shelter it provides
Is there for us to use;
It does not force itself on us,
It is something one can choose.
Throughout the changing seasons
And the coming of the years,
It holds our thoughts and dreams and joys
Our sorrows and our fears.
We see the tree in winter
A silhouette against the sky
So many different branches
We often wonder why...
It can hold itself together
Without being torn apart
It is because the roots are strong
And centered at the Heart.