From Grandma's Pen - 1998


Just last month on Fathers Day, Linda and I went for a drive into the Letart Falls Cemetery because she wanted to put some flowers from my yard on her Dadís grave. This was late in the evening, and it had been a beautiful day in the Lord. Phyllis had also been up to visit that day and had dinner with us.

The evening at the Cemetery was beautiful. As Linda bent down pulling grass from around the tombstone and grave, and placed her flowers just right, she said, "Mom, have you ever wondered if Dad is in Heaven? You know after he gave his heart to the Lord when he was so sick, things were kind of mixed up with his life due to his illness before he died." I said, "I guess I have wondered the same thing from time to time. But, I feel he is in Heaven."

It was at that very moment that Linda raised up and looked toward the Ohio River and said excitedly, "Oh Mom, turn around and look toward the river!!!" There before our eyes was the most beautiful sunset and Canada geese crying in the distance. I said, "There is our answer. Gerald is over the sunset."

The rest of the story some of you may remember. You see, after Gerald was buried on Sep. 4, 1988, several family members and I went back in to the cemetery again in the evening. As we all stood around Dadís grave and talked about him being over the sunset, the most beautiful sunset appeared in the west over the Ohio River while several Canada geese cried out as they flew over past the sunset.

Linda and I heard these geese again the evening of Fathers Day as once again God assured us that Gerald was over the beautiful sunset with God. Grandpa Gerald always loved the wild Canada geese.

By this time you should know this is not Grandmaís writing, but it is my thoughts. Your Aunt Linda borrowed my pen and wrote it for me. She has been staying with me for almost a year now. It sure is nice to have her with me, but I am sorry her marriage is not working. Ted and Chris are here today working on trying to keep the water out of my basement. They put some new or different downspouts on the house and changed some of the direction of the water. I sure appreciate all of the help I get from my family. I made a big kettle of homemade beef soup today.

I have a benefactor. I had to get a new furnace in my house last Christmas Eve, and was making payments on it. I went to make a payment, and found out it was paid in full. I was accusing all of my kids or one of them. No one will own up to it. I do not know who or how, but I really appreciate it. I told Phyllis, "I do not know what I have done to deserve this". She said "Well, I do not know either, but if I were you I would go in debt for a new car next time."

I lost my sister, Hazel, with cancer this year. I sure do miss her. That only leaves Sister Pete and I in the family. I am 81 years old and the youngest. I love you all and hope to see you at the reunion.