From Grandma's Pen - 1997


In 1994 I was in the hospital and you didn't go ahead with the reunion, and I didn't think I would make it to 1995. But, here it is 1997, and I feel better than I have for some time. I thank God and my family for that and their love.

All six of the children were here for my 80th birthday in March. Some of the grand children and great grand children were also here, but the big 1997 flood kept some of them from coming.

I haven't been doing much traveling this year. I went home with Ted and Sallie one time, and from there to see sister Hazel who is very weak with cancer. She isn't able to go out and walk or go anywhere any more, so her daughter Donna comes over and gets her. Hazel has a big black Lab named Max, who likes to go riding. Donna took us all out one evening. We didn't know where she was going, but she stopped at a drive-in window to get Max a hamburger. He really looks forward to it.

We took a nice drive back home to West Virginia on Memorial Day. Ted, Don, and Donna were here. Rich and Linda, Howard and Emma Jane Robinson, Clara Mae Sargent, Darrell and Evelyn Haught, and sister Pete met us at Mom's and Dad's cemetery near Crestan. Howard made reservations at Shoney's in Ripley, and we all had a great time at their buffet.

Then we went to Evans, Angerona, and up on the hill past my old home place. It is still standing, with a new house beside it. Then we went down over the hill to the Antioch Church where I went to Sunday School and church. There is a cemetery there where my grand parents, Mason and Emmeretta Bennett Casto, are buried. My great grand parents, Joseph Bennett and Martha Parsons Bennett, are also buried there. I even met someone there that I had not seen since my Sunday School days.

Between the old home place and the Antioch Church is a valley, with a creek and road that go up toward the Crestan church and the cemetery where my Dad and Mom are buried. The creek and valley are called "Cow Run." The road is paved now, and that is where we went next. I went up "Cow Run" many times as a young girl. We passed the place where my brother Orville and his wife Focie, who I was named after, lived. We also passed homes of Aunt Lizzie Hoschar Stover's brothers. We hit Route 87 near the Crestan church, and then went back to Evans, Ravenswood, and home.

While going up "Cow Run," I told Ted, Don, and Donna a true story about a church that was built there. It had at least three different names; the New Church, the Loggerhead Church, and the Holy Roller Church. Ted put the story on his computer.

"Church That Turned Around"

The people in the "Cow Run" Community decided to build a church. About half of them believed in chewing tobacco, and they were called the Brown Mules. The other half did not believe in chewing tobacco, and they were called the White Elephants. The creek ran right next to where the community wanted to build the church. The Brown Mules wanted the door facing downstream. The White Elephants wanted the door facing upstream. The Brown Mules won out, and the church was built with the door facing downstream.

A short time later, a flash flood came up to the church, picked it up and turned it around with the door facing upstream like the White Elephants wanted it. It settled right down on its foundation and it never had to be moved an inch.

The community left it that way. Ailey Herdman wrote a song about the church, to the tune of the song about the sinking of the Titanic.

"It was sad when the church turned around,
It was sad when the church turned around,
George and Ida, Richard and Dud,
all went down after the flood,
It was sad when the church turned around."