From Grandma's Pen - 1995


As I write this for the "Hayman Holler", I can see all kinds of wildlife outside my picture window - all kinds of birds, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, crows, and just now a big red squirrel. He sure is pretty, and this is the first time he has come to the bird feeder. A mother woodpecker brings her baby in every day and feeds it. I sure enjoy watching them I also have humming birds on the front porch.

I hate it because we didn't get to have the reunion last year, and hope I stay well this year - doing okay so far. I still drive my car down the road, but not as fast that was not cute out of Lil and Lorna to tell on me. I didn't set a good example for my grandchildren. If you have read last year's paper, you know what I am talking about.

Last fall. I went over to Don's and Donna's for a few days and got to see more of the great grandchildren. It was the first time I had seen John's and Shari's son, Nathaniel. He was already over a year old. Timothy Michael had just arrived home at Brian's and Carole's, so I got to see him I also went to church with Mark's and Laura's family, and enjoyed hearing Sandi, Wendy, and Russell sing in their choirs.

Quite a few new babies will be at the reunion this year, including some who did not get to come last year. Eddie and Kathy are expecting, but don't know if they are the only ones. I am just thankful for the prayers answered for Steve's and Darlene's baby, Trace. Phyllis says he is doing real good. Surely God has been so good to our family.

"The American Queen" went up the river for the first time, and the river banks and Racine Locks and Dam were lined with people. They said you couldn't find parking space in at the Dam I went with Leslie and the kids in on the river bank in front of her parents' home. There were 25 people there to see it go by. It was expected to go back down the river around the 28th of June. They say the price of a round trip ticket from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh and back was about $2,000. Keith was on his boat at Point Pleasant, and got to see it up close. He is off the boat, and should be here for the reunion this year.

I haven't done much traveling this year, but Lil and I still go shopping and eat out quite a bit.

It is sad to think of the family members that won't be with us this year at the Stover and Hayman reunions in August. They are Lewis Ours, brother-in-law; Bill Robinson, nephew; Gwendolyn Robinson, wife of nephew Howard; Wally Stover, brother; Bill Alton, husband of niece Nelly Jack; and Jack Sargent, husband of niece Clara Mae. They will be missed by all.

Hope to see all of you at the reunion this year.