From Grandma's Pen - 1994


Another year has gone by and I am still around enjoying life. Thanks to the good Lord, I have had a very good year. I feel a lot better this summer than I did last year. I am able to work in the yard, and flowers some, also do some walking with my friends from Church.

I don't have a lot of money to spend, but Lillie and I still like to go out to shop and eat out; so thankful I can go out some. I have two friends that are shut in's and can't get out much. I think it would be very lonesome for them.

Ted, Sallie, Phyllis and I are going to Niagara Falls Thursday for two nights. We will be back Saturday. I sure have been looking forward to it; haven't gotten to go anywhere like that. Can't tell you about it in this year's newsletter because we won't be back in time to send it in!

Keith is still working on the river boats. He doesn't think he will be home this year for the reunion, but he might if he gets to go back early. He got a new mower and had everything looking really nice.

I'm looking forward to all the reunions. As you know we have three this year: two Hayman's and my Stover one.

To report on the Family: as I said in the newsletter last year, Keith and Leslie were expecting. They had a girl on October 4th, 1993, and named her Amber Dawn. Shari and John had a boy in July and named Nathan Kent. Two more are expecting this year: Brian and Carole, and Terry and Mike. This will be eighteen grandchildren and twenty eight great grandchildren. Also have seven step grand children and five or six step great grandchildren. I hope that is right I can't keep up with them!

The blizzard of 94 had me snowed in for about 3 days. I couldn't get off the porch. Keith was home sick and couldn't come over. Finally got the township grader to plow out the driveway. The temperature was 40 below here at my home. Don't remember how deep the snow was!

Grandma Hayman


Our Sympathy goes to Grandma Hayman on the loss of her sister, Francis Coe, a brother-in-law Faude Haught, a sister-in-law Tootie Stover, and a nephew Gerald Coe. All passed away this past year.