From Grandma's Pen - 2002


Another year has passed, and it is time for another article from Grandmaís pen.  Iíll do again as the past two or three years.  Iíll do my sentiments and have one of the girls write it for me.

As always, I am looking forward to seeing everyone again.  My biggest event this year was my 85th birthday.  I had two cakes, ice cream, and lots of food for the two-day event.

We enjoyed Tedís 60th birthday celebration with a wiener roast over on Keithís and Leslieís campsite, along with hot dogs and other foods.  We had a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.  Shane had some games to play Ė one was an old time game matching TV heroes with their TV animals.  This was a challenge for the older folk, but enjoyable.

Everyone in our area was quite excited about President Bushís arrival at Ripley, WV on the fourth of July, and was eager to catch his speech at the Ripley courthouse.  I told Zac that was the biggest event in Ripley since November 2, 1932 when Grandpa Hayman and I were married there!!

Speaking of the fourth, I was at Lilís and got to sit at her kitchen table and watch Racineís fireworks.  Itís the first time I have seen any fireworks in several years except Keithís at reunion time.  I guess he has a bunch of them again this year.

I got to go to Lindaís housewarming at her new apartment in New Haven, WV.  It really is nice, and I hope to go back over when she has her yard sale the first of August.

Iím proud to say I have another great great grandson this year named Ryan Lee Kersell, born to Talvik and Tara in April.  This makes Ted a great grandfather, and I can hardly believe that.

I havenít made any trips this year, except my doctor trips, and two trips to see my sister Pete in Parkersburg last fall and again this spring.  Pete came down and stayed overnight last fall, and I really enjoyed seeing her.  She is my only living sibling out of a family of ten.

I almost forgot, but a lot of us went to the Stover family cemetery in Creston, WV on Memorial Day weekend.  Ted, Sallie, Phyllis, Linda, Don, Donna, and I met Pete, Rick, Debbie, Clara Mae, Ann, Stephanie, Howard, and Emma Jane over there.  My cousin, Marshall Stover, had maintained the cemetery on the Stover farm until he died last year.  His sister, Margie, sold the farm to Brycle Donohue with the stipulation that she could stay in the farm house the rest of her life.  Brycle, who used to work for my half brother, Uncle Orville ďPeckĒ Stover, has done a lot of work around the farm.  He said he would maintain the cemetery, but that it did need some fence work.  Howard Robinson has been the go-between over the years, and will accept any donations for maintenance.

After the graves were all decorated, we went to Ripley to the Ponderosa for a lunch buffet, and then for some Wal-Mart shopping.  We then stopped at two cemeteries in Great Bend plus the Letart Falls cemetery before we finally made it back home.

I look for all of you at the Hayman Reunion.

Until then,
Love, Grandma.