From Grandma's Pen - 2001


I canít believe another year has rolled around, and I havenít done a lot except go to the doctor and ride my merry-go-round. If you donít know what that means, itís my lift chair.

The girls told me not to write about my annual trip to West Virginia to the cemetery on Memorial Day Ė leave that out and there isnít much left.

I also go to Columbus twice a year to get my pacemaker checked, and have always got a good report. Boy, how exciting can life get!

I visited my sister Pete at Parkersburg this past fall. The road into her home was closed, and we had to take a different route through the country. The fall foliage was beautiful. Also, I have never seen a more beautiful spring than this past one. It is probably due to my having cataract surgery on both eyes and having implants put in them. I got along just fine, and can see much better. Now I can again enjoy watching television and reading.

I had to go to the hospital for three days this spring with congestive heart failure and pneumonia. Once again God left me here for some reason. He has been so good to me and my whole family. I canít thank Him and praise Him enough.

God also blessed me with another great granddaughter, Alli Jewell. I even got to go to her baby shower, and later after she was born, I got to go to her home and see her. She is precious and very pretty, as are all of my grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren.

My sister Pete came to visit for a weekend this spring, and I really enjoyed her being here with me. While she was here we had company; Phyllis, Linda, sister-in-law Elizabeth Stover and her two daughters, and Howard and Emma Jane Robinson.

Pete went with me to church on Sunday morning and played her harmonica along with the minister who played his guitar. Everyone seemed to enjoy it Ė I was so proud of her. She will be 90 years old November 19th this year, 2001. I donít know where I was when this talent was passed around, probably hiding behind the door. Ha! Ha!

Iím going to end this with an old time story. Phyllis and I went down to Lilís and they were talking about being in a Christmas Operetta when they were in grade school at Letart Falls Elementary. Lil said she was dressed as a Christmas tree, wrapped in green crepe paper with some kind of a star on her head. She and Phyllis sang ďO Christmas TreeĒ. Phyllis said she was dressed as a candy cane, and her outfit had red and white stripes. She could remember some of the words but not the title of the song they sang. However, she could remember that when Valentines Day came along, someone sent her a nasty Valentine card that said she was ďstage struckĒ. She laughed and said she never made it out of the county.

I was telling them about some kind of festival that we had at Walnut Grove School in Angerona, West Virginia where I attended grade school. I remember being dressed up in a Red Devilís outfit with horns and a tail. I was in a booth and had to prance around. The people had to pay $.10 to get in to see me. So, for one night in my life I was the devil.

Hereís one for the great grandchildren. When I was a little girl, I would catch lightning bugs and feed them to the hop toads. You could see the lightning bugs flashing down in their throats.

I look for all of you at the Hayman Reunion.

Until then,
Love, Grandma.