From Grandma's Pen - 2000


Time again for the news to be sent in for the Hayman Holler and for another reunion.

Iíve been shut in a lot this past winter, due to a flare up with my heart, and was sent by helicopter to a Columbus Hospital. This wasnít my first experience riding in a helicopter. Several years ago, your grandpa Gerald, Keith and I were visiting Don and Donna in Maryland, and we went to Gettysburg and flew over the battleground. They would only take two passengers at a time, so Keith and Mark went first. Don wanted to go, but neither Donna nor Gerald would go with him. So he said, ďMom will go with meĒ, and I said ďSure.Ē We had a very enjoyable ride, and when we came back and landed, here came Gerald and Donna with their tickets. Bruce flew a plane to Gallipolis one time and Gerald got to go with him. They flew up here over our house, but I was in Holzer Hospital at the time and didnít get to go.

Iíve got arthritis in my knees and hips, and also learned I have Parkinson's disease. Due to my medication, I get around much better now. I have been able to go to Church and Sunday School regularly, but really miss going when Iím not able.

Howard and Emma Jane Robinson took Linda and I on Memorial Day weekend for my annual trip to visit my Dadís and Momís and my Grandma and Grandpa Stoverís gravesites at Creston, WV. Then we went to the Antioch Cemetery on Cow Run to visit Grandma and Grandpa Castoís graves -- my motherís side. Then we drove up to the old home place on top of Angerona hill. When I was ten years old, my Dad tore down the house I was born in, and built a new one. The new home was where we had the first Stover Reunion in 1936.Phyllis was just a baby and Lil was two years old. It doesnít look like the same place now. Our house burned down, and they have a trailer home on the site now. Everything looked so different Ė it made me sad to look at it. Then we traveled on to Ripley, had lunch, and then came back home.

Last year I got to go visit my sister Pete several times; she lives 18 miles back of Parkersburg. She came down and stayed overnight with me two nights. I am 83 and she is 88, but she is in better health and gets around better. She plays the harmonica, and you should hear her play with Linda on the organ. She and I are the only ones left out of a family of twelve children.

Lil took me to Columbus in May for my pacemaker check, and we stayed overnight with Ted and Sallie. While there we got to go to Eddieís and Kathyís to see my great granddaughter, Emily Beth Hayman, and I got to rock her to sleep. I also got to go to Parkersburg last August to see Sophia Rose, Kennyís and Beckyís new baby. They sure are sweet, just like the rest of my grandchildren; and, Iím looking forward to a new one in November from Bobby and Annie. After we stayed overnight with Ted and Sallie, Ted took Lil to the airport the next morning and she flew to Atlanta to spend two weeks with Bruce and Lorna. Later that day Ted and Sallie took me to Logan to meet Phyllis, and she brought me home.

On June 18th, I got to go to the Carpenter Inn here in Meigs County to a high school graduation party for Jonathan. It was real nice. Iíll let Bruce and Lorna tell about that. So, I did get to go quite a bit, but mostly this spring.

I enjoyed everyone coming and helping paint my house this spring Ė it looks much nicer now. I want to thank Don, Ted, Keith, Rob, Mark (Bethís husband), and Pete for painting, and Lil, Phyllis, Linda, Donna, and Beth for their cooking and work in the house. And, I want to thank Shane, Amber, and Logan for their part too. We had a fun time. Iíll let Keith tell you more about that.

Thatís about all the news for now, and the good Lord willing Iíll have more next year. Looking forward to the reunion and all of you being home.

Love, Grandma.